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Adam Saleh is a Campus Associate and UC Berkeley undergrad. Summer 2020, Adam interned at Carbon3D as an Applications Engineer. He was, at the same time, catalyzed by both national and global social justice movements and his concern for our basic human right to healthcare, housing, justice, and equality. “This year has laid bare a lot of what some of us have known all along—design requires conscience.” Adam emphasizes that he means design in its broader sense, everything from societal design to sustainability and equal access. “BLM and its allied movements are courageously suggesting we rethink and redesign structures that grew out of ideologies of oppression.”

This fall 2020, Adam will be a junior. He is studying Cognitive Science and Sustainable Design. He believes his lived experience and the current movements demand he come at design, cognizant of its long-term reach and impact, aware that design reveals our interconnectedness to all living things. “I’m constantly leveraging design to look at the world critically and solve the problems that really matter.”

The manufacturing team Adam worked with over the summer saw him responsible for tasks at the forefront of computational and algorithms-aided design used for applications across consumer and operational verticals.

As a Berkeley student, Adam is the President and Lead Mechanical Designer for Unmanned Air Vehicles @ Berkeley, (UAVs@B). This came after he had spent more than eight years, passionate about design and the world around him; it led to his first undergrad summer in a NASA sponsored fellowship with the 1881 Research Institute. Adam developed a tool that summer, PRESQ, meant to improve Advanced Design accessibility through light hardware implementations of Machine Learning and AI; in short, PRESQ puts XR technology in the hands of students who might otherwise not have it. Adam has since evolved the project and its tech into designs he has used for international competition and research.

Outside of academics and his design pursuits, Adam is captain of the UC Berkeley Mens Track Team. His team is a D1 competitor looking forward to a return to some normalcy and 2021 Spring meets depending on the future of the pandemic.

Adam is a people person—the type of guy who in this time of physical distancing cherishes virtual connectedness, baking with friends on Facetime, drawing on Procreate and other platforms, and playing frisbee whenever he can.


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