Since the year we formed our partnership in 2006, Alsop Louie Partners has managed a program we call “Campus Associates”. We are proud of this program, for the benefits it brings our student associates and our portfolio companies, but most important the value that is brings to our partnership! We believe that it is still unique in the venture capital business. 

The thesis we designed this program around is that undergraduate students are much better than graduate students in bringing perspective and relationships to our partners. Gilman observed, when we started the program, that graduate students have graduated and believe that they have left the undergraduate programs behind. But undergraduate students are still looking forward, whether that is toward getting their chosen degree or continuing their education after the gain their diploma (or even dropping out to start a company, something we don’t actively encourage, but has happened with a few of our associates). In addition, since we are older and most graduated from college >40 years ago, we have learned to keep our ears open to what much-younger people are saying and thinking, since that is the source of much of the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that we look for in our investments. 

Since 2006, we have employed 22 campus associates at campuses like UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT and a variety of others schools including UT Austin, Caltech, USC and UCLA. From time to time, we explore new campuses and see if we can make the right connections to find a student who can design and carry out our program and if the school is amenable to having us be a presence.

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Campus Associate Alumni

  • Katrina Addiego – New York University
  • Shawn Ahdout – Stanford University
  • Michael Akilian – University of Texas, Austin
  • Alex Banayan – University of Southern California
  • Eli Chait – University of California, Berkeley
  • Mina Fahmi – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ernestine Fu – Stanford University
  • John Hawksley – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Cole Hershkowitz – Caltech
  • Will Jack – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Romi Kadri – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Alex Kern – University of California, Berkeley
  • Josh Khailili – University of California, Los Angeles
  • David Mace – Caltech*
  • Corey Reese – University of California, Berkeley
  • Shioching Tse – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Rohit Turumela – University of California, Berkeley
  • Jason Van Der Merwe – Stanford University
  • Steven Wan – University of Texas, Austin
  • Ricky Yean – Stanford University
  • Jared Zoneraich – University of California, Berkeley